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Mapping tools for human centered design

Generate alignment and clarity by connecting your project's who, when, what, and where!

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Map your human centered design “W's”

The quickest path to an actionable user-focused plan.

Who? – Segments

User segments – generate understanding with visual profiles of your user personas and roles.

When? – Scenarios

Explore the touchpoints where stakeholders engage with user scenario and journey mapping.

What? – Stories

List user actions: "As a <user role> I can <do a thing> so that <something I want happens>"

Where? – Sitemap

A visual map of any place where users act – digital screens, web pages, or physical locations.

Connect Everything

Navigate your users' needs across connected "W's"

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Related link sidebar connects customer personas, scenarios, experience maps, and user stories to turn your workspace into an oasis of connected context and clarity – say goodbye to disconnected free-form docs and tools!

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Map the full customer experience across scenarios and personas

Build understanding of your customer experience across stages of your product or service

Structured presentation

Clear and digestable

Quick to edit

Improve processes